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Suzuki Ignis Service | 19/01/2018

Staff were friendly,happy and helpful. I loved it that my car was washed and cleaned.

10 / 10

Suzuki Vitara Service | 11/01/2018

Very professional as well as really genuine service. Loved my card washed and cleaned as well. Thank you.

10 / 10

Suzuki S-Cross Service | 10/01/2018

Great customer service - everything to be done clearly explained.

10 / 10

Suzuki Vitara Service | 29/12/2017

I must comment on the cleanliness of the all facilities at Jarvis Barossa. They are a credit to the staff for their own respect to the company.

10 / 10

Suzuki Swift Purchase | 14/12/2017

Great service comfy and no pressure just a pleasure.

10 / 10

Suzuki Swift Service | 05/12/2017

Always a pleasure to visit Tanunda guys, thank you.

10 / 10

Suzuki Swift Service | 24/11/2017

Exceeded customer service expectations, very happy!

10 / 10

Suzuki Swift Service | 07/11/2017

Very helpful and professional, when it appeared was going to take longer a loan car made available. Very friendly staff.

10 / 10

Suzuki Vitara Service | 03/11/2017

Can't thank your staff enough, great service and helpful advice.

10 / 10

Suzuki Swift Service | 30/10/2017

Fixed on time, and very professional.

10 / 10

Suzuki Vitara Purchase | 13/09/2017

I was the bloke from NSW stuck in Port Lincoln after my Grand Vitara was written off on the way from Perth to Sydney. The best solution to my problem (because I had a car full of custom-fitted camping stuff) was to purchase a new GV and slide the gear back in. Plus the reason I purchased a GV originally (2012 model) was that it was a handy size, had really excellent space in the rear thanks to the rear door mounted spare and the way the rear seats fold forward. Also the model isn't extravagantly over-styled.

Anyway, Randy from Jarvis Tanunda went out of his way to facilitate my getting the last appropriate GV 4WD available and helping me get a bank cheque in Adelaide on a Saturday and from Adelaide to Tanunda in a taxi and on my way from Tanunda back to Port Lincoln. I'm most grateful.

10 / 10

Suzuki SX4 Service | 12/09/2017

Love also that they clean my car and it was ready exactly on time. they helped me out of a bind as I left my purse at home and I could do a bank transfer on their computer. I live 45 minutes from Tanunda and I was so appreciative that they could help and still get my car serviced. 

10 / 10

Jarvis is a people driven company, focused on providing an environment which creates loyal, satisfied customers and staff.

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